About Us

About HAMTEC Consulting

Hamtec Consulting Ltd is a British Limited company which has successfully brought together qualified associate consultants with a wide range of experience, ability and knowledge. The company was formed in 2009, specifically to provide dedicated and focused consultancy to the aerospace community.
The engineering community requires experienced consultants sometimes for only short periods of time, to maintain such skill levels within the work force significantly increases the staff costs and reduces project efficiency. HAMTEC has addressed this perennial problem by forming a global network of independent international experts in the engineering fields.

All associates of HAMTEC are individuals who have a proven track recorded in their field. Consequently, these individuals are highly motivated and totally committed to their assignments. HAMTEC provides the commercial and management co-ordination to ensure our clients receive a full comprehensive consultancy service.
HAMTEC has a strong experience in systems design and in operations definition and preparation.
HAMTEC’s consultants have on average twenty years of experience in developing and defining high quality solutions. Our consultants have been involved with projects over the long term. They have seen the development of programmes from inception through to operations and maintenance phase.
This invaluable experience provides our clients with solutions that will endure and adapt throughout the project life cycle. Since HAMTEC is an independent consultancy, the advice and solutions proposed for a client will be completely impartial.

HAMTEC’s administrative headquarters are based in Lincolnshire, with close links to all major modes of transportation. We have subsidiary companies in South and Southern Africa, which serves Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia.

Hamtec Consulting Ltd in the UK with its subsidiaries in both South and Southern Africa although separate legal entities and with their own regional business areas work closely together with Hamtec Consulting Ltd in the UK to provide a true international scale of expertise and support to our clients.